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Kupoliniai stoglangiai Lamilux F100 W

Stoglangiai plokštiems stogams Kupoliniai stoglangiai Lamilux F100 W

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Tomas Juknis
+370 687 21670

The new standard for the industrial flat roof

Greater stability, greater safety, greater comfort

More than expected, buildings are stressed by daily environmental factors and increasing extreme weather events. Sudden storms and gale-force winds, heavy rain, hail or heavy snow put particular strain on roofs and the skylights integrated in them. As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of skylights, we see it as our responsibility to constantly adapt our daylight systems to new influences in order to equip buildings for extreme weather events at an early stage. We have been developing and testing beyond standardised minimum requirements for over 70 years. Because when application practice demands more than expected, we want to deliver more than expected with our innovations. We therefore optimise and test our skylights beyond common standards and set our products to unique standards. For our customers and their projects, we achieve more than expected with our domed rooflights. The best proof of this is our LAMILUX Rooflight F100 W. Greater stability under heavy loads, greater safety in extreme weather conditions, and greater comfort during installation thanks to a geometrically optimised design. We have further improved the design of our proven classic – the LAMILUX Rooflight F100 – with a wave shape. 

The clever geometry, which requires no more material, equips the dome rooflight for future challenges. This is because the new wave shape of the dome shell ensures better load transfer and guarantees more rigidity without using more material. In this way, the Rooflight F100 W remains watertight even at higher wind speeds and withstands more wind and snow. Depending on the size and variant of the domed rooflight, the load-bearing capacity for snow increases by up to four times compared to rooflights previously available on the market. In addition, this rooflight is also resistant to heavy rainfall of 8 litres per square metre and minute and simultaneous hurricanes of up to 115 km/h. The rooflight has even been inspected and tested for the highest hail resistance class HW5. The distinct advantage of the Rooflight F100 W: The wave-shaped LAMILUX rooflight dome can even withstand 50 mm hailstones hitting the rooflight from the sky at a final speed of 111 km/h. In addition to technical advantages, the Rooflight F100 W is impressive thanks to its even better handling on the roof and during installation, as the design improvement of the geometry without additional material does not generate any additional weight. Our LAMILUX Rooflight F100 W revolutionises the standards for the industrial flat roof. 

The variants

Rooflight F100 W

Glazing types

The glazing range of the rooflight system takes into account the individual requirements of the skylight:

  • Daylight intake through transparency and light diffusion 
  • Energy efficiency/thermal insulation 
  • Sun protection/protection against heat
  • Soundproofing/hail protection

Glazing materials

We achieve the advantages through glazing materials selected according to the application:

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Composite
  • Impact-resistant composite
  • Rooflight F100 W also optionally available as a solid insulated lid

LAMILUX size variety

Rooflight F100 W

Over 50 order sizes: available in fixed, ventilated and SHEV versions.

1 - Clear internal opening = order size - 18 cm 
2 - Structural roof opening size = order size
3 - Upstand heights: 15 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 70 cm
4 - Base flange: 16 cm

LAMILUX upstands

The ideal connection for your flat roof


Metal upstands

Connection technology used in LAMILUX upstands

Ideal building connection for your flat roof

LAMILUX fall-through protection grids

For greater safety on your flat roof

Rooflight opening variants

For ensuring fresh air and safety in your building